ISD Education Event — Rx: HIPAA Risk Management

ISD Education Event — Rx: HIPAA Risk Management

Your HIPAA Risk Assessment is done and you think you’re covered in case of audit. Right? Did you know many penalties for HIPAA IT related violations come from the failure to manage risks identified in the HIPAA Risk Assessment? Have you implemented policies and processes to mitigate identified risks? Do you fully understand the implications of identified risks? Ignoring the results of your HIPAA Risk Assessment is like ordering a series of diagnostic tests for a patient, establishing a diagnosis and treatment plan, only to have them ignore everything and continue on with their same old unhealthy lifestyle.

ISD is offering a complimentary education event detailing how to understand and manage common risks identified in a HIPAA Risk Assessment.

When: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 11:30AM – 1:00PM
Where: 2515 W Broadway Rd Suite 103 Mesa, AZ 85202

Lunch will be provided

Door prizes awarded!

Space is limited.
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