VoIP Solutions

Telephony solutions designed for your small business

Today, a telephony decision is more than just a decision about cost - it's a strategic business decision driving performance for the next several years. ISD will help you implement a VoIP telephony system to increase the overall effectiveness of your organization, and actually reduce costs in the long run.

Together with Vertical Communications, ISD provides equipment and expertise allowing you to:

  • Capitalize on every opportunity - with more effective voice mail management

  • Reduce administrative costs - with automated and efficient technology

  • Enhance productivity - by helping your employees quickly find the best way to connect with colleagues and prospects

Let ISD show you how a VoIP telephony system designed for small businesses can help you stay more connected, more easily. Our simple set-up process will have you making and receiving calls in minutes.

See how easy a small business phone system can be.

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